Monday Morning Happy!

I hope many of you are enjoying an extra long weekend! Doesn't one extra day feel like you got a free pass to stay home from school?

On Saturday I packed up most of my office and moved my most prized possessions to the new office.

Yes this would be it, well one of my prized possessions but as many of you can understand these Domino Magazines are like pure GOLD!


We had brunch at this wonderful downtown spot. Look at this view, isn't it just gorgeous? Views like this are what make me truly love my city..... the fireplace right next to our table didn't hurt either! Later in the day I popped into MGBW to have a quick client appointment!

Picnik collage

We are loving the clean lines of the Louisa Sofa paired with the Major Chair! I can't wait to show you the finished results of this room. The client is traditional and modern at the same time and loves whimsical pieces (I call these a little off center pieces)! Above you can see our palette though in real life the colors are much richer and actually brighter! The purple sofa is going to play off her gray wall gorgeously & the blue is an accent color. As soon as I saw Dwell's Soft Scroll pattern, I knew it was perfect for this project. I will reveal later how we will use it!

So all in all it was a productive weekend and I am hoping it flows right into this new week!


Verdigris Vie said...

The palette looks so inviting !1 Can't wait to see the final ..

Sounds like an exciting weekend. Except the part where you have to carry all those magazines..:-)

chat soon..

Unknown said...

Lovely palette! And that sofa is great!!

Creategirl said...

Thanks ladies for the feedback! This sofa is so pretty and is very comfortable could also be in the running for my own new house : )

Caitlin said...

Girlfriend, people would kill to have all of those Domino magazines! I only have 5 - why oh why did I not keep more....ah!

Love the sofa! I kind of want it for my apartment :)

quintessence said...

Looks like a great start!! Can't wait to see the progression of this project!! I have equally encyclopedic collections of shelter mags!

Villa Bisono said...

Let me tell u...My Domino magazines are a pure treasure and one of my most priced possessions...I would never get rid of them! I just discovered your blog so def. following you now as I think your blog is quite lovely!

xoxo from NYC