Holiday Decorating for Friends

My favorite holiday has now passed which means it is on to the glitter and twinkle of Christmas! To be honest I am not one to decorate my own space (shocking I know...) but I do get an enormous amount of pleasure decorating for friends and family. I love all the different mantels and decorating themes, the possibilities are endless. When I saw the magic, Cassandra of Coco + Kelley created for her friends bachelor pad I knew I just had to share it with you! How sweet are the presents nestled in the bookshelves and the bar decked out with the stocking? Too sweet....errr maybe I should say handsome!



This is exactly how I would decorate my own space for the holidays, just a touch here and there! To see more of this space click here and to see the extended version pop on over to HGTV! Great job Cass!!

(images from Coco+Kelley)


Anonymous said...

Cute and very understated - just the way I like my xmas decor too! Plus. I love the unlikely holiday colour scheme...very unique!

*Tania @

Sarah Klassen said...

very understated, well said, TLC_Designs! love some of the touches throughout...

Happy December to you* my friend,

Susan said...

These decorations are so elegant looking and perfect for an apartment where space is limited. I also appreciate the break from the traditional red and green,

Leslie said...

your decorations are so elegant! Very pretty!