Organizing the Bookshelves

With the start of my unofficial New Year it's high time I get into the office and organize my bookshelves. Whether you are looking for bright pops of colors to keep you alert in the mid afternoon or a more monochromatic look there is something for everyone. The one rule I always follow when styling a clients (or my own..) bookshelves is to mix in other items. Take a stroll through your home and pull what you already own. Keep an eye out for small framed photos, colored vases, mementos from vacations or even that silly wooden giraffe you had no idea what to do with! Alternate these items with your fabric boxes and bins, it will help to break up the eye and creates a bit of motion in the room! See you all later, I am off to shop my house!

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(images from House to Home)


paislea said...

i love love love bookshelves! they're so simple, yet very pretty!

Anonymous said...

Bookshelves can be such a gorgeous detail in a room besides being so useful. And I also think that organizing books on a bookshelf is a sort of an art as they can easily be a focal point.

Brenda Pruitt said...

But mine are full of books! I want to decorate the shelves, but they're crammed full of books.

Yelena said...

I lovee the first one, the colors are gorgeous! :)

Creategirl said...

thanks for the comments ladies!
Brenda even though you are filled to the brim try alternating books horizontal and vertical. This will add some interest as well! You might also be able to place a frame on a stack of books!

Maggie Rose said...

I just overhauled our bookshelf (weeded some out, but mostly just rearranging). I love adding little potted plants, and like you said, frames on top of a stack of books. Our bookshelves are in our dining room so I want it to be more decorative than just packed and dark. You can see pics on my blog (last week, I think). xo Maggie