How To Thursday - Easy Home Updates For Fall

It's been a while since I posted a "How To Thursday", with fall just around the corner I was inspired! Yesterday I was so excited to see AOL Shelter Pop used the fall cleaning tip I tweeted about! Thanks Shelter Pop for including me!

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"Change the look: "Rearranging a room always leads to cleaning out and decluttering that room! You get a new room feel and it's clean. A win win!" -Julieann Covino, Create Girl

With today's post I decided to expand on this a bit with a few easy decorating solutions to make your home feel as new as the season! All these tips are easy and most will include pieces you already have in your home!

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With the start of the new school year I am sure the kids will be running home with many school art projects. An easy pick me up for the kitchen is to replace the wall decor you have now with the "professional" art projects! The kids will love seeing their pieces framed and I bet it will give you a smile each time you enter the kitchen!

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One of my favorite tips is to swap out lamps and area rugs in your house. Do you have a set of lamps in the living room that could work in the bedroom? How about the guest bedroom area rug, why not put it in the master bedroom and move the bed to a different wall. It will give you a new perspective and you will wake up the first few days with that "where am I" feeling!

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If you have wicker chairs that you used during the summer on the porch why not wash them down and bring them inside. Add new indoor cushions and you have 2 chairs for the living room! Rearrange your furniture grouping and you will have that "new room" feel!

Hope these fall tips help you brighten your own home!
What tips do you have? Please share!

(images from House Beautiful)


dana said...

Changing out the pillows is also a nice way to freshen up a room. Thanks for sharing these great photos as I love simple lines of the last space

Connie @ SogniESorrisi said...

Love the lamp and rug suggestion!

Unknown said...

Children's artwork, so great...really love it in the kitchen!

Anonymous said...

Great tips! thanks for sharing (+ the pictures are lovely!)

Layers and Layers said...

Great ideas .... I also like to rearrange all my accessoreis and shelves...give me a different perspective for the season. :-)

Sarah Klassen said...

lovely ideas -- I especially enjoy the last one -- that open kitchen is amazing, and the chairs do wonders for the space! I like to drape some of my favorite scarves over a chair, add a colorful pillow in velvet, my furry blanket and... I think that's it for now :)


Creategirl said...

thanks for all the comments! Dana I agree I have a drawer full of pillow covers that I swap out with each season. My bed and sofa get that new look feel and I love falling in love with my pillows again!