Wood Top Kitchen Islands

Lately I have noticed wood top islands in many kitchens. At first I was not sure I really liked the idea but as I flipped through the images I had saved, I realize the wood top creates a warmth in a sometimes otherwise cold kitchen. This is especially true if it is an all white kitchen. What are your thoughts? Do you like the look of a wood top island?

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(Images from #1 #2 James R Saloman/Desire To Inspire, #3 Julian Wass Desire To Inspire, #4 House Beautiful)


Anonymous said...

I think the wood looks nice in a farmhouse kitchen! I am wishing I had done marble... that is my favorite... practical or not!! Great blog. xo

ABC Dragoo said...

I say YAY on most occasions. Maybe not in a super modern kitchen -- but then again, I could see it happening and being beautiful.

bbrunophotography said...

I actually smiled when I saw it, because woodtop was the norm a couple of decades ago. We've come to expect granite everywhere and are surprised by wood.

Love these photos. They're spectacular!

LindsB said...

I really like them when they are used on just an island. I'd like other countertops for the rest of my kitchen, but I can totally see myself wanting a wood one in the middle of it all :)

Cynthia said...

I have one in my own home, installed by the previous owners on the island, with honed granite on the perimeter counters. I may not have chosen it, but I've grown to love it.

Cynthia @ exuberanthome.com

Lauren said...

I've never had one - but the mere sight of one guarantees it gets saved to my "I Love You" idea file. They seem farmhouse heaven - but would the waxing/sanding upkeep become a chore?