Monday Morning Happy

Where does the weekend go? I have to admit I enjoyed every second of mine!

Saturday was a total "me day" where I completely unplugged and did exactly what I wanted to do. Part of my day was spent in the Boston Public Garden reading my book under the shade of a tree. If you have never been to Boston, "The Garden" is America's first public botanical garden! It's a glorious park full of thousands of flowers, quaint bridges, the Swan Boats and the "Make Way for Ducklings" statues. Truthfully I didn't need my book to be entertained the people watching is fantastic, watching the little ones jump from duck statue to duck statue brings pure joy and I even witnessed a wedding. It was the perfect city afternoon!


Did you have a "me day" this weekend? How did you spend it?
Enjoy this new week
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paislea said...

i definitely had a 'me day' this weekend. yesterday, i slept in til 11am! it was so nice! and i just watched movies all day long!

Creategirl said...

good for you! That sounds like a perfect day... sleep + movies : )