Kitchen Stairs.....but to where?

How often do you see stairs in a kitchen? Not often, right? I have to say I think it is fantastic! There is something mysterious about it as I wonder "where do those stairs lead"? If the dinner party was in the kitchen, I would be distracted the entire night!!

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The stairs have captured my attention but there are a few other elements which I love to.

The pure white walls and cabinets give off a calm feeling and allows the table to be the focus.

Black and White squares lead to a dramatic floor and carries your eye over to the black railing and treads of the stairs!

Check out the towel bar, high up on the closet door! What a great idea, I try not to use paper towels so I always have 3 or 4 cloth ones around the kitchen.

We can't forget the exposed ceiling, something which could have looked very industrial now has a welcoming feel painted white.

Could this be a favorite kitchen of mine? That would be a double YAY!
Do you have stairs in your kitchen?

(image from House Beautiful/Jason Bell)


Null said...

Loving them too! In older homes, kitchen stairs often led to the maids' quarters. When my parents renovated their home, they insisted on keeping them in tact as a vestige of an era gone by.

Mary @ RoomPolish said...

I absolutely love this kitchen. Black and white checked flooring like that gets me every time! As for the stairs, how cozy! Maybe they're a secondary stairwell. I can picture little kids coming down these at night for their midnight snack--adorable : )

Creategirl said...

So true Lydia I imagine this was an old space!

Mary I LOVE that image of kids running down the back stairs to fetch a midnight snack! Too cute!

The Hip Hostess said...

There's so much to love here, but I must say I have always loved stairs in the kitchen, seems like such a timesaver to get to the 2nd floor right from the kitchen. Plus, I love the look. My eye really went to that classic b/w floor.

deb@accessoryalamode said...

OMG! I adore the look, especially the black & white floor. I have wanted to do this for years!!! Thank you for the inspiration :)

deb@accessoryalamode said...

OMG! I love the look! I especially adore the black and white floor, and have been wanting to create that look for years! Thank you for the inspiration :O)

Arlene Grasman said...

The black and white squared floor is perfect for this space
Arlene's latest blog ---> Fire!

Connie @ SogniESorrisi said...

Love the floors, too!

Anonymous said...

The stairs in the kitchen are so "Leave it to Beaver!" I can't really remember any kitchens I've seen with stairs in them like this, but it's really cute. I love the towels high on the door, but am also like, wha? Why that high? What I really wonder is in what room is the photographer standing that is so open to the kitchen like that?

ABC Dragoo said...

My mom has stairs in her kitchen!

I grew up in that house. It's the common staircase, straight, while the other stairway is grand and swoops into the front foyer... I suppose that staircase is for guests, I wouldn't know... I have rarely used it!

Anyway, the kitchen has a fireplace with a nice sitting area, a dining table, a big island for baking/entertaining, and a butlers pantry leading to the dining room = I think a staircase is the key ingredient to making a formal space seem less formal.

As a matter of fact, I stayed here last weekend: (built in 1741) and they had a similar footprint to my moms house! I wonder if it's just an old school, really, really old school thing?

P.S. Twitter isn't allowing me to make updates for some reason. Might you help spread the word? Last I tweeted, I had just hit a bunny and was depressed. I'd hate for people to think I'd done something drastic! *wink* I doubt anyone will miss me, but if they ask...

Sarah Klassen said...

Love it! I do not, but my friend does... hers leads to a hallway and then to their bedrooms. It's really nice to have a second set of stairs, as if, for some reason, you need to sneak up, you can either way! :)

Great details here... I hope you're having a fantastic week,