A walk through the garden

What a week it has been! Have you ever had a week which just feel like an emotional roller coaster? That was my week!! Lucky for me there were a few bright spots to the week. One being the overwhelming response to our NateDay! The power of twitter and our blogging community is just amazing! If you want to find a few new design blogs check out this list, they are all incredible. Another bright spot was having CreateGirl called out in a "Furniture Today" article by the ever supportive Leslie Carothers! Thanks Leslie!

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With the weekend finally here, I found these serene gardens and thought what better place to have a little peace and quiet to regroup? I would love to grab my tea, take my time strolling through and just breath in the fresh air!

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Hope you all have a fantastic weekend and thanks again to all my new readers, it has been fun "meeting" you!

(images via House Beautiful)


Unknown said...

Congrats on your Nate project--loving these garden pics! I will check out the list, it sounds like it's full of amazing desing blogs!

xo Mary Jo

Jade @ Flip Flops + Pearls Design said...

I would take any of these garden in a heartbeat! I am closing my eyes and picturing the serenity around me...aahhh...much better!

Freckles & Dimples Photography said...

thanks for stopping by my blog & for the sweet comment about the photos. I love finding new blogs...will put yours on my radar!

Sarah Klassen said...

I couldn't agree more — they're lovely!