Monday Morning Happy

Morning All! How was your weekend? What was the most memorable part of it for you?

Can I be honest? It was a long weekend! We are in the process of moving my Gram into an Assisted Living Facility, which I have to say is just beautiful when she had a set back and ended up in the hospital. I know she will be fine and will be back to her energetic self in no time but it really can throw you for a loop when that call comes. Along with that there is another big event today. If you remember the end of last year my Mom was in the hospital for what seemed like forever for an operation. Well today she is having the second stage of that operation and we are all just praying it goes much much smoother than the last time. The positive side to all of this is that Gram and Mom will be bunking at the same hospital this week so the visiting will be's the little things that help you look at the bright side in times like these!

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As I was looking for a photo for today's post the first blog I visited was my friend Jess over at Sweet Eventide. She is an amazing photographer and though I have never met her in person, she has the most gentle, calming demeanour, exactly what is needed right now! Her picture above of summertime blooms is just perfectly sweet!

I hope you all have a good (healthy) week! I have some posts ready to go so please check back in through the week and as always you can find me with quick updates over on twitter.

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Jessica Nichols said...

My sweet friend, my thoughts are with you, your mom and your grandma today and all week. I hope the surgery is a success and the recovery is speedy.

I only wish we lived closer, I know we would have a wonderful lunch date too. Thank you for all your kind words and I'm so glad one of my pictures cheered you up today. Baci!