Monday Morning Happy - Kitchen Style

Morning All! How was your weekend? Did you work on any creative projects the last few days? When I came across these two photos on Coastal Living they immediately felt calming. One of my favorites times in a kitchen is when the early morning sun streams in and all is quiet. Open the windows and add a cup of hot tea and its a little slice of heaven!

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a perfect nook!

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fresh picked flowers and tomatoes on the window sill....just lovely!

Enjoy the new week!


_ffyona said...

Goodness, how could we not love the perfect nook with the lovely stream from the morning sun pouring in while enjoying the breaky!

And i always have a thing for window sill! They are like a little taken for granted in the space. But when you know what to do with it, they shine.

Connie @ SogniESorrisi said...

Such gorgeous sunlight!

paislea said...

awe. love this. it reminds me of my mom's house. clean, crisp and always fresh.
i love it. ♥

Yelena said...

awee. these kitchen photos made me happy :) they're so cheerful :)

michelle said...

Monday Morning Happy...that is perfectly named.