Ty Larkin's Calming Palette

When I came across Ty Larkin's Baton Rouge home in House Beautiful I felt as if I had taken one large deep breath and exhaled. The subdued palette, classic architecture and smaller sized rooms create such a calm, cozy feeling that I just wanted to jump into each picture ending my little visit with drinks on the terrace!

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My favorite quote from the article was Ty's answer to why he designs
with such a neutral palette.

"It allows you to change the look of a room, to inject a little bit of fashion — new throw pillows, a funky lamp — without blowing the budget. It gives you a timeless foundation."

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Could you see yourself living in a house with such a neutral palette & Classic French Architecture or would you need more color over time?

(images from House Beautiful)


Connie @ SogniESorrisi said...

Love a great white kitchen. I am looking to get an island like that in our new house.

Verdigris Vie said...

Oh you know I could live here no probs.. Love this place...

LenzLove said...

I could totally see myself living there. Could I see my self living there with our twins...Yes...I think I can. The white is in areas I think could work out for a family. I would be a little concerned for the dining chairs but everything is perfect!!
When picking items for our home I always think elegance, comfort and child proof :-)

You have a great blog btw!