The Cottage Guest Room

Recently I was daydreaming with a friend about Beach Houses and she said well don't you want a big beach house with lots of rooms and my response was NO WAY! I dream of the cozy spaces where kids are jammed into fun bunk beds and the main living spaces are spacious. A small cottage is much more my style. So when I saw this sweet guest room my fingers could not move fast enough to put it in the inspiration folder!

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The room is so airy with the pale colors but is balanced out with the strong pop of turquoise. I especially like the green and blue patterned rug its great movement under foot. The solid curtains are perfectly placed as they allow your eye to wander from inside to outside without stopping! Of course you can never go wrong with a balcony off a bedroom. Ahhh, OK who wants to move in to the beach cottage?!

(image from Coastal Living)


Yelena said...

it's lovely :)
and i so get why you prefer a smaller cottage to a spacious one :) it's just so part of the experience, at least it always has been for my family. We have so many kids and relatives that it's always crowded and noisy, but still, it's happy :)

El said...

I do! Very cozy and peaceful. And the view doesn't hurt either.

The Hip Hostess said...

I so agree! We actually live in a cozy beach cottage, beach being Lake Michigan Beach. It's not huge, not fancy, but it is indeed cozy. We love having friends and family, it's just the best to be able to share our cozy home. We are blessed to see all the beauty surrounding us everyday, and feel so happy when we are able to share it with our guests!

carol@The Design Pages said...

I would go a step further and put only hardwood on the floor 'cause there's nothing more rustic than sweeping the cottage before you lock up. I totally agree with your description though