The Style of an Entrance

An entrance is one of the most important areas of a home. It sets the tone for what you will encounter on your visit. Will it be a home which is sparse and organized or one which is filled to the brim with furniture and "things"? It can say we are casual or we are formal. Below are a few examples with some observations of my own. Which style describes your entryway?

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Solid door, rustic floors, 2 colors, minimal furniture and wall decor

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White wood floors accented with dark woods. Art and books displayed with whimsical accents.

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Tiled floor. Symmetrical furniture, very organized with understated warm coloring

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Gleaming Parquet Floors, wool area rug, lots of texture, wallpaper and opulent chandelier

Which is your favorite?

(images from House Beautiful and Traditional Home)


mnB said...

oh the first 2 are my favs hands down!!!

Gradon Tripp said...

Oh, the second one, by far! I'd probably replace the chair with something with a bit of Mid-Century flair (or lack thereof), or reupholster the chair with something bolder -- maybe the pillow material.

Creategirl said...

Thanks for the comments! Its funny I like something about each if only I had multiple houses (actually one house!!) to enjoy each! Gradon I agree if I had to pick one it would be the second with the lighting and dark framed door it is very inviting.