A Political Weekend!

What a few days it has been and I sit her wondering how to pull it all together!

First we will start with the weekend, it was fantastic! My Dad topped the ticket for his planning board race in town and we were all so very proud! We had a great time holding signs at the polls (even if it was a weee bit chilly!) and catching up with people we had not seen in ages! Once again it is SO important to vote in all elections and especially for your town elections because these are the people that are making decision which will impact your daily lives.


After a day of anxious waiting for the polls to close, getting the results and than a party we were due for a little down time. We thought what better way to keep the political theme going than with a visit to the JKF Museum & Library in Boston. I am a BIG Kennedy buff and even though I have been to the museum many times it was fun to see it for the first time through MGV's eyes. Here are a few photos. If you are ever in Boston this museum is a must see.

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Inside & Outside of the JFK Library in Boston

Jackie Jewels
Gifts to the First Lady. Gold Filigree Necklace given by the Sudanese Prime Minister and a Diamond, Ruby and Emerald Purse given by the King of Morocco. Both pieces just gorgeous!

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A recreation of a hallway in the Kennedy White House. The moldings and Chandeliers were just stunning. Also there was a peek into Jackie's closet!

I have a few other fun things stirring in the creative pot but I don't want to overwhelm you so I will save those tidbits to unveil in the next few days. Especially for those in Boston, check back in as there will be a very exciting event I would like to invite you all too!

(images from Jace Interiors handy iphone!)


Annelise said...

I LOVE first ladies, and hence, the JFK museum. So much interesting history there.

belleviewnewspaper said...


I want to invite you to an event on Earth Day I think it RIGHT up your alley. I really hope you'll be there and if you can/will spread the word - that would be fabulous, too.

Renown eco-healthy interior designer Robin Wilson will be in town as a guest speaker at Digitas, the greenest building in Boston, on Earth Day. She'll also be signing copies of KENNEDY GREEN HOUSE, a book in which she details the healthy-home transformation she did to Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s private residence.

She is such an influential woman. Wilson's work has been featured in O Magazine, Martha Stewart Living and The Today Show.

The Kennedy home is just spectacular. Kennedy wrote the foreword for her book.

Event details: Good discussion, a book signing and cocktails/refreshments.
Date: April 22, 2010
Time: 4:30 p.m.
Site: Digitas, 33 Arch Street, Boston, MA 02110 (nr. Devonshire/Downtown Crossing), 17th floor lobby
RSVP by April 21 to: Lindsay MacDougal, 617-867-1966 (to allow badges for security)
Books: For sale for $30 (cash only)

Let me know if I can get you anything else. Thank you so much and I hope you can make it to the event!

Marissa DeCuir

El said...

Hey- congrats to your dad. It must be tough running for elected office. Good thing he has such great family support. Very cool pics from the JFK museum. Love Jackie's Dress!