Countdown to the Design Deli #2

A question I am constantly asked is "how do I arrange my furniture"? Many people move into a new home with the furniture they already own and become overwhelmed with the layout and at times just give up. A friendly "traffic pattern" and "flow" is essential to any room and even more so for a room that is used everyday. As you can see in the 2 photos below each family has 3 large seating pieces. This is the perfect question to bring the the Design Deli!

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If you are not in Boston and can not attend the event tomorrow night, leave a comment and I will pick one question to be answered on Monday. You can contact me by leaving a comment here or like others have by DMing me on Twitter or Facebook!

(images from House Beautiful)


Connie @ Sogni e Sorrisi said...

Our new home is still being built, but will be more open concept so I do have some trouble imagining how best to layout furniture. I think this really is one of the keys to having a room that works and one that doesn't!

Sarah Klassen said...

I believe the first image strikes my fancy more than the the second image, the sofas seem to distant, the coffee table unreachable, and the sofa on the side seems to be blocked in by the teensie lucite tables. Love the colors, though :)