Scouting Ceiling Fixtures

Some ceilings are just too low for a grand chandelier or pendant so I went in search for a few ceiling fixtures which created some interest but did not draw too much attention to the ceiling height. I know they have always been known as the chandeliers ugly step-sister but honestly I like some of these options! The School House version would look great in a bathroom or kids room and I really love the woven one, though apologize since I can't remember where I found it!
What are your thoughts on these lights?

Chase Ceiling Light - Ballard Designs
Jonathan Adler Parker - Lamps Plus

Embarcadero Flushmount Forecast - Lumens
School House Electric

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Verdigris Vie said...

I think these are fantastic options! Although the school house is the least of my faves, the others I think are incredibly elegant and can create beautiful ambiance without the bore!

Great finds.