Dreaming Up Anthropologie Stories

Over the weekend I caught up on all the mail catalogs I received throughout the week. Most of them were full of fall fashion and decor but to be honest I can't write about it just yet! This chilly girl needs to extend summer for as long as possible....i.e. expect more summer home postings!

Though sometimes I see a beautifully styled photo and instantly a story is created as it was with this one.

While flipping through Anthropologie I came across this picture which spoke to me in a cozy way. It looks like this could be in a studio, a decorating dilemma you find often in the city. I love how they have nestled the bed into the corner by the window. With the end table defining the space and what looks to be like a dresser edged out, it creates a comfortable area. The fabric Ikat headboard brings warmth to an area with a high ceiling. The light streaming in and the full comforter askew creates a look as if someone spent the better part of the day lounging in bed, possibly reading! Ah sounds like a little slice of relaxation to me!

I wonder what the story of this photo would be....I imagine it might have something to do with a Sunday morning. I adore the Terai Folding Chairs and in such fun fabrics!

(images from Anthropologie)


Lori P said...

Ugh, it's gorgeous. Anthropologie is my absolute favorite.

Julie Q said...

i still have about 14 magazines/catalogs vying for my attn at home! i heart anthropologie but mostly to get ideas.. way too pricey though.

love your blog!!

And Kathleen said...

Anthro has perfected the cozy-messy-but-perfect-bed look. I love it!

Creategirl said...

thanks ladies for the comments today!It was a long Monday and the idea of a cozy bed helped it move along a weee bit faster : )

thanks for the blog love julie!