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Today I am going to start a new series named "Blog Love"! It's true, I love to give encouragement and show my support. Whenever I come across a new blog that I feel captures my attention I immediately add it to my tool bar and than send a quick note with the subject "blog love" to the author. I guess in some ways it is kind of silly but it's just my way of saying hello and introducing myself to a new "friend" Afterall this blogging world can feel kind of lonely when you are writing into space everyday. In this new series I will share with you a few of my "blog loves" and hope you will pop on over to them and say hello!

My first blog love is someone I met this spring in Decor8's Blogging Your Way class. Immediately I was drawn to Leslie and at the time her very new blog. Even though she had only a few posts I knew this lady was on to something. Her photography captured my attention unlike any other. Whenever I am feeling overstimulated I pop on over to "A Creative Mint", take a deep breath and look around. Many times I revisit some of my favorite posts, just letting myself get swept away by her images!

Her photography comes with a strong sense of color but with a gentle touch. A wonderful combination in my opinion and so very sweet! Now for some very exciting news. Twice a month you can now find Leslie guest blogging over at Decor8 with her Color Me Pretty posts!

Hope you will enjoy this new series and please share your blog loves with me...a girl can never have too many "friends"!

(images from A Creative Mint)


Diana Strinati Baur said...

hi hi...

just went over and left a comment. It's a really sweet blog! :) Wish I had taken the on line course with you guys!!

Hope you are well and enjoying your summer. I will be visiting more often... the season came down upon me here at the B&B!!

Creategirl said...

Hi Diana! Funny I was just thinking of you last night, hope all is well in Italy. I just saw today on twitter Holly will have another class in Jan and will open registration on Nov 25. You would love the class! Thanks for the comment : )

leslie said...

Thank you Julie for this wonderful post! You are so nice and I totally appreciate your support!

Verdigris Vie said...

I love that you are sharing your fave blogs, it's so great to meet people who inspire the people who inspire you.. huh? you know what I mean - so far I am liking Leslie.. off to visit her now!


Anonymous said...

Great idea. I love finding new, creative blogs to inspire me. Just found yours so I'm ready to spend awhile browsing. Then I'll check out your latest "''blog love".