Vintage Conde

While flipping through my Vogue I came across an ad for the Conde Nast Store. It was fun to explore all the vintage covers and gorgeous photos like the ones below! Its interesting to see how things come back around. The orange dress and hat could easily pass for a "vintage outfit" in today's fashion. I would LOVE to own the necklace worn with the Dior Dress., what a statement piece. Enjoy!

Taking A Stroll 1958

Castello San Nicola L'Arena 1967

Orange Christian Dior Dress 1966

The City As Seen From The Hilltop 1949

(images from Conde Nast Store)


K said...

I love this set - LOVE them! thanks for sharing, I'm going to check out the store right now.

leslie said...

LOVE these! Especially that hat in the second image!!!