Monday Morning Happy

Happy New Week! There are many things I love about living in New England but one of my favorites is being able to drive 1 1/2hrs and be completely transported to a different place and way of living.

This weekend I had the great opportunity to stay at a friend beach house. The "cottage" as it's know has been in their family since the early 1900's, how cool is that? The walls just ooze with stories and memories of the family's summer outtings. Not to mention the gorgeous furniture which has been collected over the years. They are only a few short steps from the beach where everyone has that laid back attitude. So completely refreshing and a nice way to take a time out from the city hustle. Of course no cottage would be complete without a front porch for people watching and viewing sunsets! My only advice is when a friend extends a beach cottage offer, jump on it, you never know when you might just learn to skip rocks!
Enjoy this new week

(image from watch hill real estate)

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