Monday Morning Happy!

Let's see here, the calendar says it is summer but the seasons are a weee bit confused up here in New England. Yesterday was a chilly 60 degrees with that awful precip that is drizzle. Honestly we are all trying to keep upbeat but it is a challenge. 19 days of the month in rain is just a little too much for people who made it through the winter with the hopes of "warm to the bone" days! So with this new week I am putting a little request in to whoever up there is listening, please send down some sun and warm temps, we could all use a few rays right now.

In the meantime I will keep puddle jumping in order to have a little silly fun.

(image from Kodak Alex Mackie, Jump for Joy)

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Leyla said...

Oh my Gosh!! It's already almost middle of August, and the weather in Toronto is still Rainy, Cloudy and Chilly!! I can't even express in words how disappointed I am...I have been waiting for summer & sunshine, since... well, since last summer... =(..And BOO!! No summer for us... I am by no means ready for another 8 months of depressing cold & snow...