Beautiful Stones!

A few weeks ago I was invited to an amazing tour of Gerrity Stone. They offer an impressive selection of granites, marbles and limestones. Below is just a small sampling of what they can create!

Above is the warehouse. Look at those slabs of gorgeous stone, when you are standing next to them they feel gigantic! Below are a few photos of the end result after their craftsman work with the slabs. They take great pride in making very precise cuts to keep the integrity of the natural design of each unique piece. It is incredible!

Natural Brazilian Quartzite, Mayan Sunset - Before

After - notice the pattern which curves just along the perimeter of the bar?

Do you recognize this fireplace? Remember the Frank Roop post I did here? It is from one of his projects! The above picture is made from 32 individual pieces created to look like one continuous unit! Amazing craftsmanship!

Gerrity Stone also has an impressive line of green products. I fell in love with one which was made from crushed seashells, perfect for those summer homes by the sea! You can view a great green collection from IceStone here.

During the tour we were part of a select few who got a sneak peak into their new Platinum Collection. I am not really allowed to share too many details but let me just say these gorgeous exotic pieces made each and every one of us wish we had a million dollar house to redo! Breath taking, amazing, indescribable beauty are just a few words I would use to express these Platinum pieces!!

(images from Gerrity Stone)


Verdigris Vie said...

yeah - I love natural stone. There are about a million applications for them, and I have seen then cut in the most creative patterns..

cassandra said...

oh wow - that bar is laid PERFECTLY! love it :)

Style Carrot said...

that kitchen photo with the wrapped island is a house in newton i wrote the piece for the globe mag : )