Happy MOM's Day!

Sometimes it is really nice to have your own blog because it means you can post about what you want (within reason, of course!!). Tonight I will take a minute to say Happy Mother's Day to my Mom. I have so much to thank her for like my LOVE of fresh cut flowers, they were always in the house growing up. My LOVE of magazines and books, she taught us the value of being informed and knowledgeable on many subjects! The LOVE of being a great supportive friend to all those in my life. The LOVE of being compassionate. She selflessly volunteers her time to help anyone who needs it, even when they don't ask, somehow she just knows what they need! Most of all she taught me how to be an independent, go getter girl which allows me to do what I LOVE every single day! Thanks Mom for all you do, hope you had a good day!

(this beautiful image is from Frolic another flower loving lady! Check her blog out here)

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