Monday Morning Happy!

How was your weekend? It was one of those weekends where a few of my favorite things happened, the kind which can't always be planned!

* My beloved Celtics played their first playoff game and it was basket for basket just about the entire game. It was exhilarating, the best type of ball game to watch.

*The next day I turned on the tv only to find one of my favorite movies has just started, I love that!

* A friend called at the last minute to have brunch together which was the perfect way to start the day! Spontaneous plans can be the best!

Did you have any fun unexpected things happen to you this weekend? Something that made you stop to say, ahhh that was great!

The "Cute Picture of the Week" was taken by my good friend Jason (also known as the one who patiently answers all my random blog questions). I can't imagine a better Christmas gift than a puppy, which is exactly what his sister Andrea received this year! Isn't Bailey just adorable? She looks like the perfect best friend!

(image from Architectural Digest)

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Anonymous said...

I have always wanted a Golden, so cute!