It's amazing how one thing leads to another! At the start of this week I came across this gorgeous stained glass window on the local blog I'm From Worcester. The intertwined sharp colors immediately caught my attention and in a way it was mesmerizing. I have always admired stained glass but honestly could not see it in my home. So off I went in search of stained glass like wall decor without the price of a real stained glass window! Look who I found! Let me introduce you to the incredibly talented Canadian artist Mandy Budan. She describes her art as:

"abstracts of the landscape, emphasizing and rearranging the elements to show the beauty of the landscape in unexpected ways. Inspired by nature, I use strong colour, discrete shapes and rhythmic patterns to create paintings which can be enjoyed for both their abstract and realistic qualities"

budanART's original paintings are available on her website and also offers affordable reproductions over at her Etsy store. For $18 - $38ea you could purchase a few of these amazing prints to group together. I love the fact she has scenes from all seasons! They are incredible and have such depth you could get lost in the image. The prints have a stained glass feeling with her varying use of the same color. I just love them, it's the pop of vibrant color any room could use. She also gives us a sneak peak into her design process over on her blog. Check out the poppy transformation, it is beautiful!

Abstract Poppy

Spring Shadows

Rocky Shore

(images from BudanArt and I'm from Worcester)

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