Monday Morning Happy!

This is really Monday Night Happy... but you get the idea! It's amazing what 45 degrees in the winter can do for a girls soul. The last 2 days it was so "warm", no snow storms or frigid temps just pure sunshine and even warm enough to leave a layer off! So to say the least I was out soaking in some Vit. D while it lasted! Hope y'all had a nice weekend too.

The "Cute Picture of the Week" comes via Domino Magazine. From their very first issue they always incorporated dogs into the photo shoots and I just loved them for it. No fear, I have gone through the website and stashed away lots of "pupper shots" to keep us satisfied even after our lovely inspirational magazine has disappeared.

Enjoy this new week

(image from Domino Mag)

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Anonymous said...

Colors in the hallway are so relaxing and peaceful. You feel
so welcome when you walk in. Love
the pups - they make you smile