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Welcome to a new "How To Thursday"! Do you have a space in your home where you need a weee bit of privacy but still want the light to filter through and are not that fond of sheers? Well here is a great solution, decorative window films. I first found these while scouting for a client. They live in a 2 story city Victorian but their bedrooms are at ground level. They had heavy woods blinds which they never opened which created a very dark room. Window films were the perfect solution! Their bedroom is now a sunny place they want to hang out during the day and there is no fear of seeing shoes from those walking by! Decorative Films could be used on the bottom portion of a kitchen window, garage doors and entry way panes. There are so many options! Below are a few pictures and links.

Perfect and FUN for the bath - brume UK

A Warm Welcome - brume UK

Interesting entryway privacy - brume UK

White floral from Design Your Wall

I love the clean crisp circle of this film from Emma Jeffs at Design Public

Emma Jeffs, Adorn Collection is available in a range of color options

This is a photo of the my clients home. It is incredibly easy to install. We measured the window and cut the film a small amount bigger than the window. Using an x-acto knife we created a tight fit. It took less than 15 mins per window!! What areas in your house would you use window films?

(images from Emma Jeffs, Design Public and brumeUK)

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Jen said...

I love window films! 2Jane has a great selection, too. Here's a link:

I love the idea for bathrooms — so much easier than a curtain. Sadly we have a windowless bathroom right now.