Bail Out at Grand!

We all see and hear it, this is a crazy time in the world but I say let's do our part and support the locals! This weekend at Grand they are offering 20% off all in store items! It's also a weekend to celebrate their One Year Anniversary! Congrats! We should be giving gifts, but they are giving to us, now that's sweet! They were also just voted "Sweetest Nest" over at Daily Candy and yes I voted for them. So why not go show some love to a local guy and gal who are keeping it alive. Now lets see what I might want for myself.....

Poppies Mini Wallet $20

Thomas Paul Pillow $40

Cupcake Tea towel $15

A unique item at Grand is the "What the fluff" tee $ says so much without actually having to say it....perfect!

My Favorite Candle Coriander and Star Anise $15.50, this scent is divine!

So I pledge to do my part to help my neighbors and the economy, what are you waiting for, visit Grand this weekend!

(all images from Grand)

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