Please meet our fantastic Host, Jenn!

me, jenn and betsy

One of the first blogs I fell in love with was "Hostess With The Mostess", it is always chock full of useful party information with the most beautiful, happy pictures! So when I heard Jenn, the creator of HWTM was coming to Boston for a style seminar, I jumped at the chance to meet her. Even though the temps were frigid last night, Betsy and I bundled up and headed into the city, I was so glad we went! Jenn is just the sweetest most gracious host. She passed along many great tips on how to throw a budget friendly dinner party. Glue dots? Scrapbooking paper? Cardboard cut outs?! Who knew! Below are a few pictures I snapped at the event!

scattered on tables were these frames with party tips

dress up a simple candle by wrapping a piece of scrapbooking paper around the center and place on a tea cup plate. I like the contrast of the red with the white saucer!

invest in clear vases to use with many different themes. This one has red sand bought from a craft store, it adds a great punch of color!

instead of expensive napkin rings use paper and adhere with a paper butterfly. Its hard to see in this picture but between the silver charger and clear salad plate is a round of butterfly paper. It adds great interest to the table setting!

this is a shot of the entire table! I love the wooden block letters "KATE", this was set as a bridal shower table! So sweet!

Betsy, holding up cardboard birds bought at a craft store. Before they are just cardboard but by tracing paper and using spray glue you create something much more interesting. It is inexpensive and easy! Love it!

on the table Jenn used wooden photo blocks (normally used to hang on the wall) as part of her tablescape than added the above birds!

the butterfly in the center of the plate is also a cardboard piece covered in scrapbooking paper! Doesn't it look striking on the table? Also she used paper as a placemat. The patterns are so fun and I love the idea of each party being different. Unlike when you have cloth placemats!

Thanks to Jenn for coming East (she is from San Diego!) during the coldest spell of the year! We hope you had fun and your tips will be very useful during our next dinner party and/or shower!

Everyone else jump over to the HWTM blog, I promise you will be inspired and will immediately want to plan your next dinner, I know I did!


bets said...

jul, great entry! i had a great time with you at the HWTM event and jenn, if you're reading, it was great to meet you too! thanks for all of the helpful tips... i actually bought glue dots today!!

You are my fave... said...

That sounds like so much fun. I love Hostess with the Mostess.