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Yesterday we talked about stylish office chairs over at the Tastemaker Diaries. Today's "How To Thursday" will focus on organizing your office. At times it can seem overwhelming, even though we live in a world where we try to limit our paper consumption there still seems to be so much of it! I have to say it's my weakness, I love magazines, books and am constantly tearing out newspaper articles to read and/or blog about later. This time of year I always vow to be more organized with my "piles"!
The main key is to have a place for everything, but how can you be stylishly organized you ask? Come with me as I scout the internet for a few great finds!

See Jane Work is absolutely one of my favorite sites for office pieces. I just found these fabulous Folder Boxes! I had no idea they existed and promptly order 3 for myself.

Above we have the Project Folder from the Container Store, a great way to keep current project you are working on in order. They will look great even stacked on your desk.

Ballard Designs Three Tier Wire Organizer, very stylish and triple the organization! I could see this used on a counter in the kitchen, you know for all that mail you need to put away....yes I am pointing the finger at myself here....

One of the best purchases I ever made was this corkboard for my home office again from Ballard Designs. It is available in 3 sizes and as big as 40 x 60. In my space seen here, I hang all of my inspirational pictures, quotes and to do lists right in front of me.

Next we need to find a home for all the catalogs and magazines we get in the post! What can I say, I love them and have many. I admit I keep a few on hand to give to clients as we meet but others I just love to save. Thomas Paul, one of my absolute favorite designers, showcases magazine holders over at See Jane Work. The mix of all three would create great energy in any office!

Chiasso offers a fantastic metal holder for all the newspapers or magazines! Who said organizing can't be fun?!

Than there are people who know you very well and give gifts just to help keep you organized. My Mom recently gave me file folders similar to these Vera Bradley ones from Barnes and Noble! I love how decorative they look, it could just make filing that much more entertaining!

The picture above shows a great example of a bookcase. There are books and organization boxes mixed together to create a very functional space. You can easily do this in your own bookcase. As you can see, on the ends of each shelf they either have an orange box or magazine holders. They trade off shelf to shelf. Instead of just grouping the boxes all together on one shelf, disperse them throughout the case, it will create more interest!
Do you have tips for organizing your own home office?

(home office images from Point Click Home)

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