The art of light

Flexxxible designed by Lucefer Design Team
Works like an accordion as you can slide it in or out

Sitting at my desk I stumbled upon the website of Limn Modern Furniture and Lighting. How cool is this lighting? Each feels like a piece of art so much more than just lighting! That is the intriguing part, these are statement pieces, the piece where people walk into your home and just say Wow, that is fantastic! Here are a few of my favorites and if you would like a little more visual happy click here.

Kugel designed by Heike Buchfelder
This gorgeous fluffy light is literally made from goose feathers

Idle Max designed by David Abad
Simple sockets clustered together to make a stunning fixture

Digit designed by Emmanuel Babled
Handblown glass spheres which look like they are about to float away

Blow up designed by M&M
Murano glass intertwined

Shining Designed by Peter Buning
This fixture can be mounted on the ceiling or on a wall. Isn't it amazing how the light just dances with the patterns.

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