Bite Me.

Here's another edition of "Guest Blogging with Betsy", take it away Bets!!

It’s probably because of the fall season, but I’ve totally been digging apples lately. Among all of the apples, this is the one I love the most: The other day I was at the “orchard” where these apples are sold. My husband and I were there on a mission to replace and upgrade, and sadly, the mission wasn’t my mission. I was along for the wagon ride, watching him bob for these lovely apples. So as not to waste time standing around, I thought I might look around, try a couple samples, and see which apple was the apple for me.

I found it.

Not only did I find it, I found friends for it… lots and lots of friends.

You’re probably not seeing how this relates to interiors or fashion, and you may think this is old news. After all, millions of people have already discovered the goodness of this apple. But really, don’t you think that gorgeousness like this deserves multiple mentions and all the props we can give it. Of course it does! Because my friends, you should know by now that good design is never old news.

Now, wouldn’t this apple look gorgeous in my… ahem, I mean, your office?

With this?

And this?

And how could you forget this?

Here’s to the Harvest!!

(images from Apple)

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We Are Not Martha said...

this is an awesome post! I'm one of apple's biggest fans... basically refuse to buy anything steve jobs hasn't had a say in ;) And of course these beautiful apples have lots to do with interiors and fashion! :)