What Sunday does for me

Friday...... How I love the day! Actually, Sunday is by far my favorite day. My ideal Sunday is going to brunch, reading the paper, if it's fall watching football while flipping through cookbooks to decide what will be for dinner and if time allows go for quick walk after dinner. In my house I like Sunday dinners to start at 3 and last until 6. They should be a leisurely event, filled with friends/family around the table and yummy home made food. I can smell the aromas filling the house as I write! Ideally it would be great if every Sunday was like this but with the hectic schedule it's not always feasible. When I do have the opportunity for a BIG home cooked relaxing Sunday I treasure it and feel energized for the entire week.
What is your favorite day of the week?
Enjoy the weekend!

(images from Domino Magazine)


coco+kelley said...

*sigh*... i LOVE sundays. we always do family dinner at my parent's house. it's the perfect lazy day!

(ps - that bottom image has always been one of my faves! great contrast of modern/organic textures and shapes. love it!)

Creategirl said...

thanks Cassandra! I know from reading your blog how you love a BIG family dinner too! So true it is the perfect lazy day...now to have more of them!!