A traymat for the hostess

Lenora Mendoza the designer and owner of Engage Green creates products that are "crafted from recycled and sustainable materials". These fantastic "paper trays" are from her home collection. When I am invited to a holiday or party at someone's house I like to bring a gift to the host, a way of saying thank you for all your hard work. This is the perfect gift both functional and great for the environment. If you are bringing cookies, breads, or even assorted nuts why not present them in one of these trays and leave it behind for the guest to use later? The best part is the price - $12 for the small and $14 for the medium, they are available in many fun patterns. Just when you thought one gift couldn't get better, you see the tray transforms into a placemat! Fabulous, now you have a placemat to eat your leftovers on!

(images from Engage Green)

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