Monday Morning Happy

Happy New Week!
The weekend was full of work but I was also able to make time to visit with some good friends, ones I have not seen in months! There was a night filled with 2 friends who I just adore, both incredibly creative with energy that could only be described as contagious and positive! Another part of the weekend was spent hanging out in a friends kitchen. Isn't it funny how there can be dozens of seats around the house and people find the kitchen island to be the most comfortable? I love that, I feel like it is always a compliment to the home owner! It was fantastic to catch up with them and their 15 month old, who is as sweet as can be, just like his parents!!

The Cute Picture of Week and quote comes from a flickr account I stumbled upon. Noreen is an exceptional photographer, if you have a minute check her out here. The photo is a sweet story of 2 little girls who had never met, yet seemed to immediately become friends. What is better than having a friend who will help you up all the steep stairs in life? Just precious!
Enjoy the week and I hope you are able to take some time out to reconnect with new and old friends.

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