Collaboration and Guest Bloggers

(Betsy and I collaborating...or is it telling secrets, you pick!!)

I am so excited to introduce you to my first Guest Blogger, Betsy. She will be contributing to CreateGirl a few times a month. Betsy has just moved into a great new house just outside of the city with her hubby. I have asked her to let us in on her home decor finds and also share her struggles in finding the perfect pieces. I have a feeling we might be hearing about a certain wallpaper for the front hall in the coming weeks! As you might know, Jace Interiors, my design company, is all about collaboration. Between myself and my clients and also between myself and other creative people. It's always nice to bounce ideas off someone else, especially when you are working on your own. The same goes for the blogging community, it is a great support and an amazing resource for all creative people! Betsy has come to be one of my fabulous collaborators!! So please give a warm hello to Betsy, she might just be a tad nervous and what could make her feel more welcome than a few comments to settle the nerves?!
thanks, JUL

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