Welcome to CreateGirl

(you can almost always find me with some sort of magazine in hand...)

I am so excited, today I am officially launching CreateGirl!! The emails have been sent out and I am hoping the word spreads rapidly. If this is your first visit welcome! CreateGirl is a place to share my design finds with family, friends, clients. and anyone else out there willing to read. I am always scouring magazines, stores and the Internet for the perfect piece whether that be a sofa, accent or even clothing so I thought what better way to share than to start a blog!! The name CreateGirl comes from my need to always be creating, it could be a dinner party, a room or an outfit, my mind is always going!
There will be a few posts you can count on weekly including: Monday Morning Happy which will be a little insight into my weekend along with posting a new "cute picture of the week" to get us all started. Thursdays will be a post on "How To" a little tutorial on how to decorate certain spaces in your home. If you have any how to questions please send them in and I will add them to the list! In the coming weeks I will be introducing you to one of my guest bloggers Betsy Phillips. She has great style and will bring ideas and products to CreateGirl that I am sure will have every one talking.
In the meantime when you need a break from the work day why not stop over for a quick read. For those who are new to blog reading you can bookmark the page or just click on the orange RSS feed by the web address to find us easily!
Thanks for taking the time to read, I truly appreciate it and please leave comments when you see something you like or even disagree with......bloggers LOVE comments!
Thanks a bunch


Mike said...

Good luck with the re-launch! I'll definitely be checking in.

Betsy Phillips said...

I'm so, so excited for this!!

Creategirl said...

thanks for all the emails and comment well wishes, you are all so sweet!

OldTimer said...

Congrats on the launch Keep goin

graciela said...

Julie! Your site looks great! Congrats.