Back to School

It's September which is hard to believe since I truly feel summer just began. The one bright spot regarding Sept. is that I still get the feeling it is the official start of a new year. Maybe it is because I live in Cambridge and feel the impact of the Harvard and M.I.T students returning but it always makes me want to start new. So here I go starting over with my blog. Its been some time that I put this on the back burner as Jace had become very busy and I started to blog for others. Lately I have seen things whether products, pictures or just items I want to share have been popping up and I constantly am saying I wish I was back to blogging. Listening to that nagging inner voice I jump back into CreateGirl with a few surprises up my sleeve. Hope you enjoy and please comment it makes me so happy and really keeps things rolling! On the bus I go!

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I'll be checking in.