Can a Thumb Turn Green?

I don't have a green thumb and everyone knows it, but can you turn your thumb green? When I received bamboo for a present they said "there is no way you can kill this". Of course I proved them all wrong and did even though I thought I was taking good care. So this year I am determined to have something grow! Here are some photos I took this morning of all my little babes (I ck on them daily...sometimes twice)! In the coming weeks I will post progress reports, maybe this way I will not get distracted! So all of you out there who think they can't keep plants, flowers or veggies alive give it a try this summer and lets see what we can come up with!

When I walk up the front steps this is what I see. It is so pretty and welcoming I just love the fuschia and purple! Its been a week since we planted these, mom came over to give me expert tips!

Here is my pot of cherry tomatoes both red and orange. I am really pulling for these! I can't wait to be sitting on the deck, walk over and pop a few in my mouth! YUM. I know I need to get some stakes for these.

Above is my hibiscus that my friend Don gave to me! Such a GREAT gift, I have to remember this the next time I need something unique. I absolutely LOVE these orange blossoms, so pretty. Of course always the designer I love it even more because it will complement the orange cherry tomatoes on the deck as well.

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