Adult Graffiti

I have been in love with Wonderful Graffiti for a while now! I am constantly talking about it and have used it in my office with my Coco Chanel quote. It is one of those products that are so unique and make a big impact. You can either choose from one of their quotes or like me send in your own. They have fabulous designers that can help you get the right size and choose the font and color which will compliment your room the best. It is nice to have a different texture on the wall there are only so many pieces of framed art work one can hang in their room. Think of it like a big colorform the type you use to play with when you were younger. It is that easy to put on the wall, the vinyl pieces are easy to clean and even easier to remove! No high tech tools here. Watch when friends come into your room with your adult graffiti I bet you will hear words like WOW, cool and different. Especially since the quote will be personal to you and your space!

(images from wonderful graffiti)

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