Monday Morning Happy (a day late)!

Morning! How was your long weekend? At least I hope you had a long weekend. I am finally getting into wedding mode, I admit I have been so focused on my design work I have not given it as much attention as it deserves. With under 100 days to go (yikes!!) I best get a move on it! Many of you have asked how it is going so I thought on Monday's I would give a little update. This weekend was all about registering, which for a girl who is constantly scouting this was a small challenge. I don't design from 1 store so it was hard for me to register at just one. Finally I scaled it back to 3 stores...well then I added 2 more so I guess it is really 5!

You can never go wrong with classic blue and white plates. This will also allow me to use fun serving dishes that are not all matchy matchy!

Adding these bowls to my everyday dinnerware made me one happy girl! Cue the jumping up and down while clapping in the store!

 Of course you know I had to sneak in my love of typography somewhere and these "His & Hers" hi ball glasses fill the need! We might even use them for our wedding toast, how fun would that be?!

The only time Vog stopped scanning was when we arrived at the table linens. His response "don't you have a 3 drawer dresser FULL of linens?" and my response was you have football....I have linens! Knowing that there were 4 play off games about to happen, he proceeded to scan them all!

I would love to hear from you! What is the one thing you hope to register for someday or what is the one thing you were so happy you did register for? Please share, I have the scanner and it is ready to click away!


Kate {domestikatedlife} said...

I love the blue plates! I have to back and read your last registry post, I'll be registering soon too -- there's just so much to choose from!

Creategirl said...

Thanks Kate, I search a long time for those plates with a thick blue border! Now I can't wait to use them. I asked for advice over on my Facebook page, check out the comments they were helpful!

LindsB said...

Ahhhh I LOVE the new look around here- your new header is beautiful!

Love what you have registered for! That was seriously the hardest part for me. I thought about it for months and then went to my 3 stores armed with a checklist of what I had already and what I thought I needed. Every person who registered us made a comment about how organized I was, and of course my husband was like oh yea shes a little anal. Anyway- I got what I wanted and more and it was so worth it! Your picks here are perfection, I cant believe your wedding is so close, exciting!!!

PS- my security word that I have to type below is 'plates', how perfect?