Monday Morning Happy

Morning! How was your weekend? It seems Christmas is upon us since we went to get the tree this weekend but to be honest, with all this warm weather in the Northeast (it has been 60 all month) it feels more like September than December! It makes it difficult for me to get in the mood, does anyone else feel this way?


On Friday I drove out to Concord to visit my friends Rachel and Katie who were knee deep in holiday decorating. They volunteered their time and design skills to decorate a house for the holidays to support the Concord Museum! They did an incredible job in such a short time! My photos are not fabulous but you get the idea.


 How adorable are these cubbies, a perfect place to hang your coat!

Pop on over here to see photographer, Michael J Lee's images of this gorgeously decorated house! 


LindsB said...

That table is so beautiful! I have got to get some of those mini trees

Sarah Klassen said...

They certainly did—lovely!

As for Christmas nearing, for some reason I felt so organized in November, as if I had a real handle on everything, then *poof* December arrived! ... and before I knew it, too. I am trying to prepare everything, but enjoy this magical time of year at the same time :)