Monday Morning Happy!

Good Morning Friends! I can't believe I have been out of the office for 10 days, it feels like a lifetime when you are a business owner. Right now I am plowing through my inbox and creating a laundry list of things that need my attention stat. How do you manage your inbox when you come back from traveling?

High Point Market was incredible! It is hard to put into words how massive it is, on Twitter I described it as a Visual Marathon. We were literally on the go from 8am until midnight every day! It was so much fun, I come home motivated and inspired.

This is just a tiny part of my bag from the first day at Market! I loved the StyleSpotter cards we were given and some of the business cards were so creative.

If you can imagine this is just one of the many buildings at Market!

I took over 350 pictures over 4 days and can't wait to share a sampling of them with you! The easiest way to share all of the pictures and trends with you will be to break it down over a week. Each day I will post a new topic:
Monday - Upholstery
Tuesday - Typography/Wall Decor
Wed - Casegoods
Thursday - Accents
Friday - Party Pictures/ Color Trends

I hope you will visit throughout the week!

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LindsB said...

YEAH, I cant wait to hear and SEE more about High Point!!

Welcome Home!!