Packing Up & Moving Out

So today is the day, the day I have waited for years now to have and the one I have dreaded for months. I am moving out of my city apartment, a place I have called home for 10 years now.

merci-beaumarchaisMorning By Foley

As you have heard me say in the past I am a true city girl right to my soul so moving out to the "burbs" is a big change for me. Looking back, when I came to this Cambridge apartment  I was a young girl without much direction just searching for something to hold onto. It is a place full of life and optimism, just a quick walk to Harvard Square where the energy could carry me even on my most tired day!


It was here at this kitchen table where "Jace Interiors" was born and the office where I wrote my very first post on "CreateGirl". This is the living room where I jumped up and down when Daily Candy Boston gave me my first taste of being in the press and where reluctantly I let the Boston Globe in to profile me in my apt. It's the bedroom I cried tears of sadness as my heart was broken many times over and the front door I welcomed my friends new babies! It's my beloved 10' x 11' back deck, my oasis in the city, the place I spent my absolute favorite days and the place I planned many dinner parties with family and friends! As I pack up to leave I cry tears of joy and remembrance, you see I am moving on to a new chapter in a life I only dreamed I would ever have. I have found my prince charming in a handsome guy we will call "Vog".

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I know I am not the only one who has ever been attached to a house and I know I will not be the last. Over the last few weeks I have wondered if it is because of my job there is such an attachment or if it is the end of a chapter? Either way I am such a lucky girl to have lived the city life for as long as I have. As the days go forward I am sure I will be sharing details of decorating a new house for two people with different styles, inevitably I will become my own client! So I say a public goodbye to my sweet little square full of unique stores and the most delicious restaurants and all the creativity that was just out my front door. I look forward to my new life as I close the door on my old one!

On Monday I will continue my recap of the Design Blogger Conference!
Enjoy your weekend and thanks for all the comments and support!

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katy elliott said...

I've moved a lot! Every space offers special connections and memories. The weirdest thing (for me!) is to drive past and see someone else is in your space!

Congrats on the move!

Unknown said...

Best wishes for your new chapter :)

Jessica Nichols said...

Young children do not have the ability to feel two emotions at once, but as we age and mature, this is possible. I think moving forces us into an emotional duality (well, even more than two).

I think this post is a wonderful tribute to the phase of your life you are saying goodbye too and I loved the links because I learned more about you than I knew before.

Congratulations on your new chapter and I look forward to many more. :)

Dayka Robinson said...

it sounds very exciting--congrats to you as you begin this new chapter of your life! you're closing the door to something beloved and familiar, but opening another to a world you cannot imagine! i hope you'll continue to document this process and your adjustment to the 'burbs here on your blog. happy packing!

Anonymous said...

Ummm... I just had tears reading this. I am so excited for the memories you'll build in your new home! :) xo

Chedva @Rooms and Words said...

Happy moving, Julie! Departing with a place where so many memories happened is never easy, but at least the reasons are happy too:) I'm sure you'll fill the new place with just as much positive memories.

Sarah Klassen said...

Oh my friend, how beautifully written! I have missed my visits to your blog, due to a great deal of work, but here I am, to find this... I hope that this move brings many great things—new neighbours and friendships, great spots to discover and frequent, and places that will inspire you in a new, refreshing way. But more than anything else, may your new home bring new memories—special memories that will grow just as dear to you in your heart :)

Good luck with the big move & be sure to celebrate*


Sarah M. Winchester said...

Best of luck. It will be a wonderful adventure! I did the same thing about a year and a half ago. I left my darling little bungalow in Atlanta for a whole new city, tiny apartment and all for a boy :) TOTALLY worth it!!!

And from what the twitter world seems to say, a Best Wishes is in order too! So happy for you.

Marcy said...

I hope the moving has gone well - it can be exhausting! Even though you know they are just "things" it is amazing what power they hold to give us comfort and make a place feel like home. Hope you were able to make that transition. It can be so much fun to start a new adventure in a new location - thanks for taking us along!

Layerstoo said...

I don't think its the physical space we are attached to, it's all of the memories and events that happened there and it sounds like you were blessed with many...all the best with your new memories and events :)

Apt#34 said...

good luck darling! Thinking of you. And thank you for the sweet comments last week - they mean the world. xo

::levina:: said...

sweet post.