Avedon Love at the MFA

Remember a few weeks ago when Vog and I had a date night at the new wing of the Museum of Fine Arts? The story continues today with this post. I have always been a big fan of fashion photographer Richard Avedon's work so when I saw there was a rather large exhibit at the MFA I knew it would be a must see! My favorite images from Avedon are the ones where the subject is so relaxed and almost oblivious to the fact he is even taking their photo. His work with Diana Vreeland at Harper's Bazaar transformed the art of fashion photography and showed models in a much more creative albeit simplified setting! Below are just a few images from the show.

This is the image which greets you as you enter the exhibit, it is literally larger than life!


a model having a quiet moment

This by far is one of my favorite images. The look on the models face of complete confidence and over the top luxury is just so gorgeous! It's as if she is convincing us that "yes, she really is the best"! Imagine creating a powder room or dressing room around this photo? Fabulous!

This was intriguing as it is not something we see often in today's magazine's. A single image without any text. If I walked by this cover in a store it would definitely beg me to stop and pick it up! Oh and did you notice the price? 60 cents!!!

Another interesting image. This one caught my attention because of the layout, so simple but still so effective. 

This weekend why not take time out from the holiday shopping and feed your creative soul! Is there a museum you have been wanting to visit or a beautiful coffee table book you have been meaning to flip through? Take time out to enjoy yourself!


Jaime @ laviejaime said...

i have been dying to go to the new wing and also see this show- I may get there finally on sunday with my brother!

Caitlin said...

Thank you so much for sharing your experience - I love seeing peoples photos from museums I can't go to. Have a wonderful weekend! xo