Escape the Winter Blues with Summer Blues

Check the date, it's Feb 9th this is about the time of winter when I have just about had enough of it! I am dying to shed my wool coat (even if it is adorable), peel off the layers and open the windows to let some fresh air in (my shriveled dried skin would be oh so happy). Just as I am about to go under the electric blanket I come across this Southhampton home in House Beautiful and just like that I am transported to July. A gorgeously warm day spent at this amazing beach house is just what I need. The variation of blue throughout the home evokes a relaxing vibe while the large picture windows make you feel like you are sitting in the sky! Come on let's go for a tour!

the guest house

The blue-green soothing great room with enough space for all the guests to gather and relax. Notice the lack of pattern in the fabrics? This leads to less movement by the eye and creates a purely calming space.

Screened in porch perfect for brunch, dinner and nightly board games! I love the reflection of the iron coffee table on the floor...the sun is definitely out!

Lounging on my favorite Janus et Cie furniture would be a little slice of heaven!

If you were to have your choice of any of the 3 bedrooms above, which one would be your pick to relax?

A clamshell sink?! The perfect way to bring the outdoors in!

A driftwood chandelier and artichoke lamp are the little accents which make this space oh so beachy!

When winter gets to be just a little too much how do you escape? If you have a favorite beach house photo please share with a link in the comments!

Well I best get back to my layered sweaters and warm scarf with the thought we are a bit closer to the warm days!

(images from House Beautiful)
Designers Kim Coleman and Michelle Green


Livi said...

beeautiful blue in the summertime makes me think of the east coast next to the ocean

Connie @ Sogni e Sorrisi said...

I love blue!

I think I would go with the third bedroom. What a cool bathroom for a beach house!

Yelena said...

that's lovely!
i wish i was there instead of here in this snowy cold snowglobe! :D
that pool is calling my name :)

InteriorGal said...

Love it!So relaxing and nicely furnished. Wish I was there.

The Hip Hostess said...

I'm utterly in love with the blue green great room. It's exactly the look I'm going for in our little cozy cottage in the woods. Hurry Summer!

Unknown said...

That pale green room is just magical! All of it feels so tranquil--lovely!


Creategirl said...

So glad you all loved this beach house as much as I did!! Every room was just so relaxing. The urban girl in me loved the 3rd BR but if I really want to escape than I would have to choose the purple room!! Now if only we could all gather in the gorgeous great room! xo

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

It's divine! And you got to love that bathroom with the shell sink!!