A Surface View

In the previous post I mentioned the fantastic wall decor featured over the bed. Here is the source, it's from Surface View. Their "interior graphics" are reproductions from images found at the Victoria & Albert Museum, Marvel Comics, the Royal Photographic Collection and Nic Miller just to name a few. Each image can be recreated as Blinds, Prints on Canvas and Murals. I especially love the silhouette of a person standing next to the size of each print/mural. A priceless visual tool!

Below are a few of my favorite images and some actual applications!

This piece is titled "Belgian Veil" from the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.
A lace image we saw here above the bed.

One of the things I absolutely love about this company is their flexibility! Each image has multiple sizes and styles which makes it easy to use in many room schemes. Very consumer friendly!

(images from Surface View)


Unknown said...

wow! stunning post!

animal print gal said...

I am in awe with this lace! Just stunning!