In the Spotlight: Tracey Sylvester Harris

I first came across Tracey Sylvester Harris' work through a One Kings Lane sale (a favorite place to look for new artists), her paintings captured my attention to such a degree that I was compelled to investigate further! As I learned from the website her new collection is based on black and white images she collected from flea markets. Tracey takes these age old images and brings them into the modern day with colorful paint.This is a description from the website:

"Harris' paintings explore the relationship between the past and present, contrasting the manufactured images made popular through postcards and advertising to the authentic moments captured in snapshot photos from long forgotten holidays."

The below 3 paintings had me wondering what each of the subjects were thinking or daydreaming about. Were they leaving a long lost love on the train? Is the older woman reading a book to keep her mind alive and young? What is the young woman on the side of the pool gazing over the water thinking about? Each has a story to be told that only we the viewer will be able to interpret. This is what I love about art, it is unique to each of us!

"Blue Train"

"Enjoying the Journey"

"Deep Water"

Pop on over to Tracey Sylvester Harris website to see even more of her inspiring artwork! If you are in New England you can view her work at the Quidley and Company Galleries in Boston and Nantucket.

(images via T.S. Harris Website)

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Michelle said...

What wonderful paintings. It does make you think about the people in these works of art. Being very brightly colored also brings out the joy in everyday ventures.