Home Typography Tuesday - Budget Friendly Art

Morning All! I love to change my wall decor every few months (que the eye roll of my new hubby who likes things to stay in one place...) it always livens up a space and gives that new room feeling! So when I came across this image on Better Homes and Gardens I knew this is just the affordable option I needed!

Scan your book covers and hang them in identical frames. This is fun in an office space but how about in a small powder room? Lined on one wall from floor to ceiling? That would be interesting!

I have always loved the oversize Penguin Book Cover art but I think for me, something more personal would work better. Especially since I have so many favorite books and their cover art would be a great reminder of those stories!

What room would you use this affordable wall decor in? Another thought....a beach cottage with fun summer reads framed!


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