Chic Garage Storage?

OK so the words sexy and chic are not usually used in conjunction with Garage Storage but I was one determined girl to make it look somewhat design worthy! Over the weekend I was on a mission to organize our basement and garage areas. Every time I went down there and saw the floor filled with items and all the unused vertical space...well it drove me nuts! So off we went to Home Depot to scour solutions when I (..ok ok the Mr.) stumbled upon Rubbermaids Fast Track system. Immediately I knew I had to share this with you. The Rail system was super easy to put together and it actually looked great white metal brackets taking up my vertical space just clean black horizontal tracks!

I can't bare to show you the before but here is the after.
Wow look we have a floor! Even the golf clubs are up and away, YAY!

We decided to use the Hose Hooks for the folding chairs because they will be more versatile down the road.

The U Hooks can hold up to 50lbs and are easy to lock into place and slide if needed. Perfect for the golf clubs!

This is what a beautiful garage storage can look like, we are not quite at this point yet but we're getting there!

The tip here is to remember your height! If you have clutter look UP and see what unused space you have!

Next up, cleaning out all of our files!

Don't you just love a new year? Have you been hit with the organizing bug too?

(images #1 and #3 from Jace Interiors, #2 and #4 from Rubbermaid)

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Anonymous said...

I love this piece on the garage wall organizer! So often my eye falls short at catching the details but storage and organizing the basement struck a chord in my multi-compartmented heart. Thanks so much for finding user friendly storage pieces that can make even this color blind clean freak look chic!